Nutscene Jute Twine Chunky 90m Grey

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Nutscene Chunky Twine 


Thick Jute Twine

Between 6 and 8 mm thick yarn

3ply twine

8.5cm Height 15 cm across.

Nutscene Chunky Jute Twine

A 3 ply twine (3 strands ) but a heavy yarn of (96 lb). Almost like a rope. The thickness of this yarn is between 6 and 8mm or about 1/4" This yarn weighs in at 1kg per ball! It provides 90 m of Twine. Produced with an open weave when wound into balls, giving it an all authentic look, This Thick Chunky string ball has many many uses in the home and certainly in the garden. Useful for jobs requiring a sturdy cord and also great for crafts and projects. Makes a great rope for bunting too!